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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the philosophy of Epicurus?

Philosophy was, for Epicurus, the art of living, and it aimed at the same time both to assure happiness and to supply means to achieve it. As for science, Epicurus was concerned only with the practical end in view. >Epicurus (341–270 bc) also constituted a philosophy of defense in a troubled world.

Where did Epicurus live as a child?

Epicurus Childhood and Life. Epicurus was born in February 341 BCE to Neocles and Chaerestrate. His father had migrated to the Athenian settlement on the Aegean island of Samos few years ago before the birth of Epicurus. He was raised in Samos only.

Did Epicurus believe in free will by chance?

Epicurus was first to assert human freedom as a result of the fundamental indeterminism in the motion of atoms. This has led some philosophers to think that, for Epicurus, free will was caused directly by chance.

What is death according to Epicurus?

According to Epicurus, death is the end of both the body and the soul and therefore should not be feared. Epicurus taught that although the gods exist, they have no involvement in human affairs.

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