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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Espana mean in English?

Viva comes from the verb ‘VIVIR’ in spanish which means To Live. Espana is the name of the country called Spain in English. SO Viva Espana means Live Spain . It roughly means Long live Spain.

What is it like to live in Spain?

One of the biggest advantages of living in Spain is the Mediterranean climate. There is also a well-developed healthcare system. All this, as well as the Mediterranean diet, attitude to life and work in general, helps to live the Spaniards to a very old age. The average life expectancy of the Spaniards is 82 years.

How many people live in Spain?

The population of Spain is 47,431,256 to be exact or approximately 47 million people (and rising). But really you want to be slightly inland. Prices drop as soon as you get into the countryside.

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