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Frequently Asked Questions

What is essence shop?

Essence Shop is a mechanic that allows players to exchange their Essence for dungeon perks. Talk to Malik to find the menu. It allows players to purchase a few items and perks using Essence . Currently there is only an Undead and Wither Essence Shop.

What is Essens club?

It was established in autumn 2011 in Czech Republic based on the cooperation with professionals in network marketing and leading experts in the area of development and production of cosmetics and food supplements. ESSENS Club registration is completely free and does not commit you to anything.

Where is Essens located in Europe?

The company is located in Brno in its own building, making it one of the leading MLM companies in its field in Europe. ESSENS products in the beauty category conceal unique perfumes, body and decorative cosmetics and last but not least, premium skin cosmetics that slow down the aging process.

Who is behind Essens?

The world of ESSENS food supplements is mainly influenced by the Scientific Board made up of leading Czech experts, technologists and scientists from the field of biotechnology, pharmacology and food industry.

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