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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Essent support?

Questions? Contact EssentCONNECT at 877.673.8190 or email [email protected] Contact Client Services at 877.569.6547 or [email protected]

Is Essentials a good brand?

Essentials Exuding both nuance and boldness in its approach to restrained streetwear staples, the Jerry Lorenzo-helmed Essentials label delivers on the promise of its namesake. Established in 2018, the Los Angeles-based brand’s straightforward logo-brandished t-shirts and sweatshirts are a welcome divergence from the flamboyant logomania...

How do I apply for Essent mortgage insurance?

Submit or modify a loan application for Essent mortgage insurance or upload documents. Upload documents for loan applications submitted through your LOS. Turn more millennials and first-time homebuyers into homeowners with this powerful tool. Understand the why behind Mortgage Insurance.

What is Essent&Edelman Intelligence?

Your resource for content rich insights and thought provoking perspectives on the mortgage & real estate industries. Essent & Edelman Intelligence have partnered together to deliver a thought leadership study on the mortgage industry.

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