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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by an estate?

Estate (law) Definition. An estate can be an estate for years, an estate at will, a life estate (extinguishing at the death of the holder) or a fee tail estate (to the heirs of one's body). Estate in land can also be described as estates of inheritance and other estates that are not of inheritance.

What does an estate include?

An estate consists of all of the property a person owns or controls. The estate property may be in his or her sole name, held in a partnership, in a joint ownership arrangement, or through a trust. Estate property also includes all other monies that would be generated upon the person's death, such as through life insurance.

What does estates mean?

estate(Noun) A housing estate. estate(Noun) A station wagon; a car with a tailgate (or liftgate) and storage space to the rear of the seating which is coterminous with the passenger compartment (and often extensible into that compartment via folding or removable seating)

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