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Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of chart or graph is right for You?

When it comes to easy to understand and good looking types of graphs and charts, pyramid graph has a top place. A pyramid graph is a chart in a pyramid shape or triangle shape. These types of charts are best for data that is organized in some kind of hierarchy. The levels show a progressive order. Pyramid Graph Uses:

What are the pros and cons of graphs?

Show relationships between 2 or more variablesGood visual impression of trends and changesCan show positive and negative valuesSimple to construct and readDisadvantagesPlotting too many bars makes it appear cluttered - less easy to interpretIf there is a wide range of data it is difficult to read accuratelyMore items...

Why are organizational charts so important?

Organizational charts are important for understanding how a company’s organization is arranged. First, it allows employees to prioritize the work they receive. In certain cases, employees may receive orders or tasks outside their command line. They may be reluctant to reject it because it comes from a higher position.

How to make a graph chart?

Try it!Click Insert > Chart.Click the chart type and then double-click the chart you want. ...In the worksheet that appears, replace the placeholder data with your own information.When you insert a chart, small buttons appear next to its upper-right corner. ...When you’ve finished, close the worksheet.

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