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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good eye doctor?

Optometrists take care of primary health care for the eye. After college, they spent 4 years in a professional program and got a doctor of optometry degree. Some optometrists get additional clinical training or complete a specialty fellowship after optometry school. They focus on regular vision care and they: Perform eye exams and vision tests.

What is the eye doctor at Walmart?

The eye doctors at WalMart have the same degree of any other eye doctor. They are just renting a space within or next door to a WalMart instead of having their own stand-alone facility. Every doctor that WalMart hires or contracts with is licensed and fully certified optometrists.

What do you call a child eye doctor?

If your child is very young or your pediatrician suspects a disorder or disease of the eye, they will likely refer you to a pediatric ophthalmologist. Both optometrists and ophthalmologists specialize in the treatment of eyes and problems affecting the eyes. Both are often referred to as eye doctors.

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