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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is f4se not finding Fallout 4?

If F4SE can't find the Fallout4.exe then you have F4se installed wrong and it can't find fallout4.exe in the folder you put f4se_launcher.exe in. Extract F4se to the same directory that Fallout4.exe is in, don't extract it to its own folder. The installation instruction for F4se is right in the zip file. READ IT.

Can vortex find Fallout 4?

So I ended up moving fallout 4 to a new folder and, using Vortex, implemented multiple mods which used script extender with no issues. Vortex found my copy of Fallout 4 no problem and would download F4SE into my mod load order no problem. However, when trying to run its launcher it would say it could not find fallout4.exe.

How to install f4se on vortex?

You actually have to do F4SE in two pieces. Vortex does not install applications in the game directory. You have to copy the Dlls and exe manually. Your choice on how you do the scripts - you can copy them manually, or go the mod route. If you go ONLY the mod route - you have the wrong version of F4SE in the game directory.

Why is f4se not working on Windows 10?

However, some Fallout 4 users report that their F4SE not working on Windows 10. The reasons for this problem could be various. You can try the following solutions if you are facing the same problem. Sometimes, Fallout 4 Script Extender might not be compatible with your operating system, which finally leads to F4SE not working.

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