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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if Facebook video is not playing?

1 Method 1: Refresh or Reopen the Browser. Many times, Facebook videos won't play may be caused by the page or the browser stop responding. ... 2 Method 2: Reconnect to the Network. ... 3 Method 3: Clear the Browser Cache. ... 4 Method 5: Install the Latest Browser. ... 5 Method 7: Download to Local for Offline Playback. ...

Why can't I Play videos on my computer?

To do this, go to the Start menu and look for "Device Manager". From here, select the display or sound drivers, right-click, and choose to update them. Hardware acceleration is the inbuilt feature in some browsers like Chrome or Firefox that can also affect the playback of videos.

What are the common problems with Facebook videos?

There is no audio on Facebook videos. There are missing fragments while playing the video. The Facebook video freezes in between unexpectedly. Facebook video gets a black screen instead of its playback. Audio-video components are not synced correctly. The Facebook video keeps buffering despite a stable network connection.

Why is there no sound on my Facebook video?

It might because the video itself has no audio or gets audio corruption. Try to use Wondershare Video Repair or further check the solutions to no sound on videos. While playing a Facebook video on your phone or desktop, you can get a blank screen or the video can get frozen as well.

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