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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you have FaceTime between a tablet and an iPad?

Yes, but both iPads need to be on wifi (as FaceTime only works over wifi) : When calling someone using an iPad 2, iPod touch, or FaceTime for Mac: Use the email address designated for FaceTime of the person you are calling.

How to set up FaceTime on iPad?

Launch the Settings app on your ‌iPad‌.Scroll down and tap FaceTime.Enter your Apple ID if it’s not already entered for you, then tap Enter.If you’re already signed in with your Apple ID, tap the switch next to FaceTime so it’s in the green ON position.More items...

Can You charge your iPad while on FaceTime?

No, iPhones and iPads and electronics devices are engineered in a way to allow the user to use and charge the device at the same time. Although programs like FaceTime do use a lot of energy, your phone might charge very slowly or even discharge (just slower).

Can I delete FaceTime from my iPad?

Step 1 — Disable FacetimeOn the iPad, open the settings.Tap on ‘Facetime’, found in the left column.Toggle the Facetime switch to ‘Off’. (It’s off if the toggle is white/grey. It’s on if the toggle is green.)

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