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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use FaceTime on a Windows computer?

Tap Copy. Paste the link into an email or text, and send it to the person you want to include in the FaceTime call. The PC recipient opens the link and joins the call; they must have Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge installed. This article covers everything you need to know about using FaceTime on a Windows computer.

How do I join a FaceTime call?

With FaceTime links in iOS 15 and macOS Monterey, anyone can join a FaceTime call from their web browser. If you receive a link to a FaceTime call, open the link. Enter your name, then select Continue. You might need to allow FaceTime to use your microphone and camera. Select Join. Then wait for the call's host to let you in.

How to share FaceTime with friends on Windows 10?

On the FaceTime App, tap on the Create Link button to generate an invite link. With the generated link on your app, you can now share it with friends on Windows. You’ll need to go to the Upcoming section of the FaceTime app and locate the generated link.

How do I participate in a FaceTime video chat?

To participate in a FaceTime video chat on a computer running Windows, you’ll need to receive an invite link to a chat from someone using the FaceTime app on an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Mac. You can send this link to yourself to switch devices, or you can request a link from another participant so you can join.

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