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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fair-faced concrete?

Fair-faced concrete projects are a premium segment. Achieving desired results requires not only high-quality products but also a comprehensive know-how in terms of planning and implementation.

Why choose Doka for your fair-faced concrete project?

At Doka, we not only think in terms of large surfaces, but also look hard at the details. Fair-faced concrete is in great demand: it offers architects and construction firms the leeway to realise even the most eccentric ideas and shapes. Fair-faced concrete projects are a premium segment.

Why choose Paschal for your fair-faced concrete project?

From standard formwork to custom production, our systems for the manufacture of fair-faced concrete are tried and tested and offer the right solution for every requirement: Thanks to having a balanced assortment of elements, PASCHAL wall formwork makes many combination options possible with regard to the arrangement of tie points and joints.

Why choose conconcrete?

Concrete acts as a thermal mass to iron out the heat from the peak hours giving you superior insulation over any other system such as steel and sandwich panel buildings. Our total precast building solution is the only viable alternative for heavy production requirements.

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