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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fair-faced concrete?

Fair-faced concrete refers to concrete surfaces with special requirements in terms of concrete aesthetics and structure. We distinguish between four different classes of fair-faced concrete:

What is the meaning of fair faced?

Definition of fair-faced. 1 : having a light complexion : beautiful of countenance. 2 British, of a brick wall : not plastered.

What are fair faced wall panels?

GRC Fair Faced wall panels are designed to resemble cast in situ concrete wall. They can be easily installed to existing brick, block and stud walls or used in new construction projects as decorative feature wall panels, external facade cladding or rain screen.

Why choose Paschal for your fair-faced concrete project?

From standard formwork to custom production, our systems for the manufacture of fair-faced concrete are tried and tested and offer the right solution for every requirement: Thanks to having a balanced assortment of elements, PASCHAL wall formwork makes many combination options possible with regard to the arrangement of tie points and joints.

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