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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Facebook AI do at Fair?

AI has become so central to Facebook that FAIR is now part of a larger Facebook AI organization that works on all aspects of AI R&D, from fundamental research to applied research and technology development. FAIR has applied an open model to all aspects of our work, collaborating broadly with the community.

Does Facebook have an AI Lab in Paris?

FAIR Paris is now one of Facebook’s three main AI labs worldwide along with New York and Menlo Park, California. It is home to about 30 permanent research scientists and 20 research engineers, LeCun said. Unlike Facebook’s other AI labs, FAIR Paris is also home to a large number of resident PhD students.

What is Facebook AI applied research?

Facebook AI Applied Research engages in cutting-edge research that can improve and power new product experiences at huge scale for our community. Building on Facebook AI's key principles of openness, collaboration, excellence, and scale, we make big, bold research investments focused on building social value and bringing the world closer together.

What is Facebook's Fair group?

Five years ago, we created the Facebook AI Research (FAIR) group to advance the state of the art of AI through open research for the benefit of all — it’s an effort to understand the nature of intelligence so that we might create intelligent machines.

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