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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of concrete repair services do we offer?

architectural concrete repair. fair faced concrete repair. aesthetic concrete repair. visual concrete repair, visual concrete finishing architectural concrete consultation. For a list of Clients please select the download below.

Why choose Doka for your fair-faced concrete project?

At Doka, we not only think in terms of large surfaces, but also look hard at the details. Fair-faced concrete is in great demand: it offers architects and construction firms the leeway to realise even the most eccentric ideas and shapes. Fair-faced concrete projects are a premium segment.

What is a fair faced brick?

Bricks and the elements that make up the “fair faced” wall, ennoble common masonry brick . The “fair faced” technique is intended to enhance the look of bricks due to the varied range of colours, types of surface finishes, laying method, dimensions, etc. Fair faced elements can be used for the construction of external and internal walls, ...

How do you finish the joints of fair faced bricks?

When laying fair faced bricks the thickness of the vertical and horizontal joints as well as the alignment must be as homogeneous as possible. There are two feasible techniques for finishing joints: compacting and pointing.

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