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Frequently Asked Questions

What do people not like about faire?

Chief among those concerns is a mistrust of the constant tweaks and evolutions, a distaste for the expensive fee structure, and an uneasiness about how Faire handles returns.

How do I stream to Facebook Live from my Device?

vMix has direct integration for live streaming to Facebook Live. All you need is your Facebook username and password! If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

How many people buy and sell on faire?

I received 91 responses: 83% of those were from artisans, 9% were from retailers, and 8% of respondents both bought and sold on Faire. You’ll note that I’ve summarized the findings of this survey in an infographic at the end of this post. The majority of respondents have been selling on Faire for less than three months (39%).

How do I set up a Facebook live stream on vMix?

Just go to the your vMix streaming settings, select Facebook and then start entering your details. Once you’ve connected with Facebook you can start setting up your stream information and your destination.

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