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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Faithway Alliance LLC?

FAITHWAY ALLIANCE, LLC. Home > Operations > Joint Ventures > FAITHWAY ALLIANCE, LLC. FAITHWAY ALLIANCE, LLC. Faithway Alliance is a joint-venture between Alabama Farmers Cooperative and Tennessee Farmers Cooperative.

Who is Faithway feeds?

This company was established Aug. 1, 2020 and focuses on sales, marketing, customer service, procurement, inventory management, warehousing, and distribution for farm supplies at TFC, AFC, and Faithway Feeds.

What is Faithway Alliance and Stockdale's?

Faithway Alliance provides member Co-ops with products from categories such as lawn and garden, farm hardware and fencing, automotive, horticulture, and home goods. Stockdale’s is TFC’s retail initiative established in 2006 as a way to better serve the rural lifestyle market.

Where does Alabama farmers cooperative purchase farm equipment?

The Greenhouse & Nursery department also works with Hustler Turf equipment, a premium turf equipment manufactured in Hesston, KS. Alabama Farmers Cooperative purchases farm hardware that our Co-op members need.

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