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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FaithWay Baptist College?

Cooperation in the work of the local church is essential in Bible college training. Read more... FBCC is an inseparable part of the FaithWay Baptist Church ministry. Our institution operates as a Baptist Bible college. Read more.. Our clear objective is to impart Baptist distinctives and church polity.

How did FaithWay Baptist Church start?

In 1974, God led Dr. Robert Kirkland to establish FaithWay Baptist Church. Under Dr. Kirkland’s leadership, a small group of people met for the first services of the church in the E.A Fairman Public School in Whitby, Ontario. God began to bless FaithWay and enabled them to move to their present location in 1981.

What is it like to live at Faithway?

Hundreds of families here at FaithWay have discovered the joy of being a part of a friendly, Bible-believing church that works hard to meet the needs of every age group. Our heart-felt prayer is for you to know Jesus Christ personally, and be involved in a church home that cares for you.

What is faithfaithway known for?

FaithWay is known throughout the Durham region for its community outreach. For thirty-five years we have operated a bus ministry which brings boys and girls to Sunday School at the church. A vibrant missions program also sets the church apart.

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