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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about FaithWay Baptist Church?

Hundreds of families here at FaithWay have discovered the joy of being a part of a friendly, Bible-believing church that works hard to meet the needs of every age group. Our heart-felt prayer is for you to know Jesus Christ personally, and be involved in a church home that cares for you.

Where is the First Baptist Church in MENA?

Fellowship with Us! Located in the heart of downtown Mena, First Baptist Church has been a pillar of truth in the community since 1897. The church sits on one city block adjacent to beautiful Janssen Park and the Polk County Library with Rich Mountain as her backdrop.

How big is the campus of Faithway Baptist Church?

In the last thirty-five years, God has enabled the church to expand their campus numerous times to now include FaithWay Baptist Bible College, FaithWay Baptist School, a Sunday school bus shop, and a completely restructured parking lot on their 6-acre campus. It is truly amazing to see what God has done in the last thirty-five years.

When did FaithWay Baptist Church move to Ajax?

God began to bless FaithWay and enabled them to move to their present location in 1981. God also began working in Pastor Kirkland’s heart about establishing a Bible College. In 1983, Dr. Kirkland and Dr. James Phillips established FaithWay Baptist College of Canada.

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