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Frequently Asked Questions

Why La Falconeria Valletta?

LA FALCONERIA FEATURED IN NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELLER. Situated in the heart of the glorious capital of Malta, with its mix of ancient and modern, La Falconeria offers its guests the chance to experience Valletta’s unique charm and character — then come back and relax in a...

What does Falkonera stand for?

Falkonera ( Greek: Φαλκονέρα) or Gerakoulia (Γερακούλια), anciently known as Hierakia (Ἱεράκια), is a small uninhabited Greek island in the southwestern Aegean Sea, between the island of Milos and the Peloponnese. Although outside the Saronic Gulf, it is generally included among the Saronic Islands.

What is the highest point of the island of Falkonera?

The highest point of the island is 183 meters above sea level. The name "Falkonera" derives from the Italian "Falconeria", meaning "place of falcons". This is also the meaning of the alternate Greek name, Gerakoulia.

How to make a falconer's Hood?

The first thing you need to do is measure your bird. This might require the help of another falconer. Measure the widest part of your bird across the head from eye to eye in centimeters. Open the Hood Pattern Creator. Down at the bottom is a small box that you put in the size of the hood you want.

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