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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the origins of falconry?

We are certain the origins of falconry go back much further than the origins of writing because the earliest written records found describe a highly organised and technical falconry that must have taken many hundreds, if not thousands of years to evolve to that level of sophistication.

Who wrote about falconry in the Indus Valley?

Richard Burton, the famous 19th Century historian and translator, wrote extensively about falconry in the Indus Valley, citing the interesting practices of its communities in his book “The Valley of the Indus.”

What is the history of falconry in the Czech Republic?

The present-day Czech Falconers’ Club of the Czech-Moravian Hunting Union is one of the largest and most influential of the central European clubs and has researched the history of falconry in the region. The earliest artefact is a 5th century clip in the shape of a falcon, now in the National Museum in Prague.

Who were arendonkís falconers?

Arendonkís falconers were renowned from the 12th century and the region of the Kempen was the homeland of Europes finest professional falconers. Some families provided falconers for about 5 centuries.

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