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Frequently Asked Questions

Which event led to the fall of the Bastille?

The events that led to the fall of Bastille are : The tennis oath court led to the fall of the Bastille in the year 1789 July. Because of the third estate people. Because of the French revolution it took place by opening the gates of the prison.

What did the fall of Bastille signify?

What was the importance of the fall of Bastille? The Bastille, stormed by an armed mob of Parisians in the opening days of the French Revolution, was a symbol of the despotism of the ruling Bourbon monarchy and held an important place in the ideology of the Revolution. Storming of the Bastille, July 14, 1789.

What was the impact of the fall of the Bastille?

What impact did the July 14, 1789, fall of the Bastille have on the political landscape of France? It demonstrated that the common people were willing to intervene violently, and it set off further revolts throughout France, which caused the king’s government to crumble.

What happened after the fall of the Bastille?

What happened in the countryside after the fall of the Bastille? In the countryside, bread was in short supply, peasants attacked millers who were accused of hoarding grain, destroyed feces and walls and broke into manors. Peasants broke into the manors where nobles lived and sometimes they killed the nobles.

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