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Frequently Asked Questions

What does falling leaves symbolize?

The Falling Leaves. The leaves represent soldiers on the battlefield who are left to rot, forgotten and lost forever. Another simile is "Like snowflakes falling on the Flemish clay.". The snowflakes represent the soldiers, melting together, forgotten. The Flemish clay is the Belgian soil where the fighting took place.

What to do with fallen leaves?

Blow Them. A leaf blower is recommended for managing and redistributing fallen leaves in large yards with lots of trees but raking is more practical and less time consuming if you have a small lawn or garden area.

What happens to all the Fallen Leaves?

What Happens to Fallen Leaves? Fallen leaves are recycled. After a leave has reached the ground, it begins to break down (with the help of animals, bacteria, and fungi), creating a layer of decaying organic material at the base of the tree. The leaf matter is converted back into simple carbon dioxide and water.

Are fallen leaves bad for grass?

In small quantities, fallen leaves are rarely bad for your lawn. However, if there is a large amount of fallen leaves on your lawn (10-20% of the grass in an area is covered by leaves) it is harmful to your lawn to not rake leaves.

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