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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials were used in Fallingwater?

Four materials were used to build Fallingwater. These included sandstone, reinforced concrete, steel, and glass. Frank Lloyd Wright designed Fallingwater to be in harmony with nature. The house’s terraces echo the pattern of the rock ledges below.

How much is Fallingwater worth?

The original estimated cost for building Fallingwater was US$35,000. The final cost for the home and guest house was $155,000, broken down as: house $75,000, finishing and furnishing $22,000, guest house, garage and servants’ quarters $50,000, and architect’s fee $8,000.

What does Fallingwater mean?

Fallingwater, a tribute to the harmonious relationship between form and function, civilization and nature.

What is Fallingwater made out of?

Fallingwater was built out of hand-hewn sandstone, glass, concrete, steel — and smoldering indignation. Wright was desperate to one-up the European modernists, like Walter Gropius and Mies van der Rohe, who had run his career aground.

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