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Frequently Asked Questions

How many outfits do you have in your fusion girl mod?

As requested Fusion Girl port of my Replacer mod. Replaces all the original game vannilla female outfits with my sexier/skimpy outfits. Replaces all Players/NPC's/enemies/followers outfits. 130 outfits here in total.

What's new in fusion girl?

Base game and DLC outfits re-fitted for the Fusion Girl Body (updated to 1.75). Zeroed slider meshes (non-nude) are included, but obviously at least half the fun is creating your own presets. This wouldn't have been possible without the original Fusion Girl  and the very well done Fusion Girl Conversion Reference .

What's new in Fallout 4?

Some Sims 4 hairstyles ported into Fallout 4. Adds a lot of decorative clutter for bookshelves, tables, kitchens, etc. Lets you build snappable kitchen objects similar to those in your Sanctuary Hills house. Lets you decorate shelves with a lot of clutter. Several dozen prefab shacks for settlers, in lore-friendly wasteland style.

Does Fallout 4 have a hairstyle?

The hair options in Fallout 4 leave much to be desired. How many times are you going to go for the same old elegant hairstyle for a female character or the casual or rebel hairstyle for a male? I’d say, it’s time to “mix” it up. This mod by rbddc12 does exactly that.

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