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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Vortex for Fallout 4?

The main focus of Vortex is on making your game as easy to mod as possible, in the most stable way, with the least amount of effort and if your game is already stable, there's no point making even a small effort to move over.

How do I access Vortex in Fallout 4?

On the dashboard, you have "tools", with F4SE. you can click on the three dots to make it primary. You could leave a shortcut to F4SE on your dekstop, that way you won't have to open up Vortex or anything else.

What games are supported by Vortex?

Why Vortex? With mod support for over 30 different games - from Dark Souls, Fallout and Skyrim, to the Witcher series and Stardew Valley - Vortex is the most versatile mod manager available.

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