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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of familie?

Există și altă clasificare tipologică a familiei, respectiv familiile monogame (doar două persoane sunt căsătorite), formă larg acceptată în prezent, și familiile poligame (îndeosebi un singur barbat căsătorit cu mai multe femei).

What are the benefits of familie?

Die Familie ist sozialer Raum für Geborgenheit, Wachstum, Entwicklung und als solcher mit entscheidend für die Entwicklung von Kompetenzen und Handlungspotential der nachfolgenden Generation. [16] Die wirtschaftliche Funktion ist für viele Familien eine wichtige Funktion.

What is the show Familie about?

The joys and heartaches of the Lawrence family of Pasadena, California. Nancy walks in on Jeff and finds him with another woman and moves back home. Buddy overhears something Kate says about her children, and runs away. Willie's relationship with Big Al is complicated by Salina's surprise reappearance in his life.

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