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Frequently Asked Questions

Which celebrities have face tattoos?

Post Malone (center), Adam Levine (left) and Lil Wayne are among the celebrities with memorable face tattoos. Prince Williams/WireImage The human body is a work of art. And these celebrities have no problem layering on the art by inking up their own physiques.

What tattoos does Drake have on his head and face?

The rapper spread on his head and face a glorious amount of tattoos, that might include everything from stars to teardrops and across, amongst loads of others. 20.

Does Travis Scott have face tattoos?

Travis Scott Free Face Tattoo The famous rapper, Travis Scott wraps up this list of celebrities with face tattoos for having multiple tattoos on his face. Not just his face, he has multiple tattoos on the rest of his body too. But his most iconic tattoos include “free” below his eye and an anchor near his left ear.

Did Pokimane get a tattoo?

One dedicated viewer of Twitch streamer Pokimane decides to show how much they like her face by getting it tattooed on their body. Fans have been getting tattoos of their favorite celebrities for ages, and people aren’t viewed askance when they show up with the face of an admired actor or singer inked onto their body.

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