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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fail2ban and how does it work?

Fail2Ban will ban the IP (for a certain time) if there is a certain number of failed login attempts. Fail2Ban works out of the box with the basic settings but it is extremely configurable as well. You can tweak it to your liking an create filters and rules as per your need.

Where can I download Fail2ban source tarballs?

You will also be able to download complete source tarballs for any existing tag/release or development master from fail2ban Releases on github . Fail2ban is also already packaged for most distributions by contributors.

How to Secure Linux server from hackers using Fail2Ban?

Basically, a script/bot will keep on attempting SSH connection your system by trying various combination of username and passwords. This is where a tool like Fail2Ban comes into picture. Fail2Ban is a free and open source software that helps in securing your Linux server against malicious logins.

What version of Fail2ban do persistent IPS get banned?

Starting Fail2Ban version 0.11, the ban time will be automatically calculated and the persistent IPs will have their ban time increased exponentially. But if you check your Fail2Ban version, you probably are running the version 0.10.

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