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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the “FBI open up” meme originate?

Where did the "FBI OPEN UP" meme originate from and how do you feel about it? It was from a video that's been taken down. I. Think it was funny, but now it's over used and lazy. In my opinion, the one with the cooking oil (this is during the whole “US loves oil meme” blow up) was very forced and not funny.

What does FBI open up mean?

What does FBI Open up mean? The term “FBI Open up” is a well know meme all around the internet, which started as an anime meme, where a guy or man gets in the situation of seeing a picture of a girl of questionable age in something that can be described as an erotic situation.

What does the FBI do?

Come and Learn with Pibby! The FBI has been the butt of many jokes online, with various memes that poke fun at the perceived notion that they constantly spy on internet users and will raid their homes and arrest them if they post, look at or search for anything illegal.

What is the FBI open up macro on Netflix?

The character is watching a video on his phone where a questionable anime scene is shown which prompts the “FBI Open up” macro where other players can be seen coming inside the house with guns blazing, ready to arrest the offender. #3 Netflix: Are You Still Watching? #4 But Did You Die?

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