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Frequently Asked Questions

What does FBISD stand for?

The Fort Bend Independent School District, also known as Fort Bend ISD or FBISD, is a school district system in the U.S. state of Texas based in the city of Sugar Land .

How do FBISD students log in to the application?

FBISD students should log into the application using their FBISD user ID and their FBISD password. FBISD student's parents should NOT register for a new account. The FBISD student must log in using their FBISD computer login information. FBISD students should verify that all contact information in the application is correct.

How many high schools does FBISD have?

All 11 high schools contain 2 gyms, Tennis Courts, a football/soccer/track field, a baseball field, and softball field, each fitted with LED scoreboards. FBISD also manages 2 athletic complexes, complete with turf and Video/LED scoreboards from NEVCO:

When was Fort Bend Independent School District created?

Fort Bend Independent School District was created by the consolidation of the Sugar Land ISD and Missouri City ISD in 1959.

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