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Frequently Asked Questions

What is feed?

Definition of feed. (Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1 a : to give food to. b : to give as food. 2 a : to furnish something essential to the development, sustenance, maintenance, or operation of reading feeds the mind. b : to supply (material to be operated on) to a machine.

What is feed mobile app?

• Access the tools you need for your job. • And more! FEED Mobile App is intended to help improve your overall associate experience by giving you a more convenient way (an easier way) to engage with company content. Scroll through breaking news articles on the home page or venture to the Schedule tab for hourly associates’ schedule.

What are the benefits of feed?

Up to 65% off sitewide, prices as marked. FEED goods give millions of meals to children around the globe. 126,633,395 school meals given to date (and counting). Gift Better. Gifts for everyone on your list – and every purchase provides school meals for kids in need. FEED the future. When you choose FEED, you invest in a child's future.

What is a live video feed?

A live video feed enables the "driver" to operate the vehicle remotely. [ T ] We fed the kids some leftovers. [ I ] The cows were feeding in the pasture. If you feed a plant, you give it substances that help it grow. We had to keep feeding quarters into the parking meter. They fed him a line about how important this work is to our country.

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