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Frequently Asked Questions

How does FeedBurner work?

Feedburner is free tool of google basically for creating a rss feed or sending daily email to the user. If you are a blogger then your can use this tool for driving traffic, sending daily emails and socialize your content.

Is FeedBurner still active?

Feedburner is still active, but the general direction is not promising: 1. Google Reader (the RSS reader side) is being closed. 2. Feedburner API was disabled @ Oct 2012.

How to find a FeedBurner ID?

How to find your Feedburner Feed ID Login to your FeedBurner account. Click on the FeedBurner logo, if you land onto a other page than My Feeds. ... Once you're on the My Feeds page, click on the Feed for which you want to find the Feed ID. Click on the Publicize tab. Now, in the left pane, click on Subscription Management. You just need to copy the data followed by ' mailverify?uri='. ...

How to create a FeedBurner url?

How to Create Feedburner Feed on Own Custom Subdomain URL? Providing Feed Name. Here, the feed name is mandatory and what you can do is to change the "" to "". Copy CNAME Entry. Go to "My Account" section. ... Create DNS Record for Your Domain. ... Entering Custom Feed URL in Feedburner. ... Check Feed in the Browser. ...

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