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What does it mean to feel under the weather?

to feel a bit under the weather: Meaning: Feeling slightly ill. The phrase “under the weather” means ill; sick; unwell and if some one feels under the weather it means he / she feels illness to know more about this idiom let check the definition of this idioms in some great dictionaries: Cambridge: informal- If someone is or feels under the weather, they feel ill. Oxford:

What does "I'm feeling under the weather" mean?

If someone says they're feeling under the weather, they mean that they're feeling slightly sick or ill. Typically, someone will use this expression when they're mildly unwell-such as when they have a cold, allergies, or the flu-and not when they're suffering from a serious disease.

What is the meaning of felt under the weather?

What does the phrase under the weather mean? According to Collins Dictionary, Cambridge Dictionary, and other dictionary apps, the phrase under the weather means not feeling well, or feeling slightly ill.This English idiom may be used to describe someone who has a cold or virus, but is less commonly used to describe someone who is drunk or intoxicated.

What is the meaning of I am under the weather?

What Does “Under the Weather” Mean? This expression is used to describe someone’s mood, in particular, when he/she feel sick, or unwell. When some one’s sick, just not feeling so well or in low spirits, he/she can say “I am/feel under the weather”.In English, people only tend to use this idiom to describe being slightly unwell rather than being seriously ill.

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