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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fender Precision Bass?

Precision Bass is often shortened as P Bass. It is a kind of bass guitar created by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. It is a four-stringed instrument with solid body equipped with a single split coil pickup.

What is the length of a Fender Jazz Bass?

Guitar Scale Lengths: Electric Bass Guitars. The Fender Jaguar Bass VI Custom uses the 28.5 in (724 mm) scale length. The 30 in (762 mm) is used by the following models: Fender Musicmaster Bass, Fender Mustang Bass and the Fender Bronco Bass.

What is a Fender Jazz Bass?

The Jazz Bass (or J Bass) is the second model of electric bass created by Leo Fender. It is distinct from the Precision Bass in that its tone is brighter and richer in the midrange and treble with less emphasis on the fundamental frequency. It has a more focused tone than the Precision Bass, with less low end and low midrange.

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