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Frequently Asked Questions

Who sings the song Fernando?

Fernando (song) "Fernando" is Swedish pop group ABBA's 1st non-album single, released in November 1975. Lead vocals were sung by Anni-Frid Lyngstad. The track appeared on the 1976 ABBA release Greatest Hits in some countries, although in Australia and New Zealand, "Fernando" was included on the group's Arrival album.

What is the name of Fernando?

Fernando. Fernando is a given name common in Italy, Portugal, and Spain, equivalent to the Germanic given name Ferdinand, with an original meaning of "adventurous, bold journey".

What is the meaning of the song Fernando by ABBA?

Meaning of “Fernando” by ABBA. Fernando is a song by the pop group ABBA. The lyrics of Fernando are about two friends, one of whom is called Fernando. These friends, who were once freedom fighters, on a starry night, share their memories of a guerilla war they fought in several years ago in Mexico. That said,...

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