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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Level Blu FFXIV?

Actually Leveling Up Blue mages gain levels fast from slaying mobs outside of dungeons. Thanks to FFXIV’s Kill Streak, killing a ton of mobs outside of dungeons levels you fast. So, if you can get a high-level friend, have them not be in a party with you. Then, run around an area that you and your friend feel comfortable with.

How does Blue Mage learn skills?

Blue Mages wield sabers, and, in addition to the standard ability to learn monster abilities, can gain become immune to certain status ailments. As with the Blue Mages from most games in the series, they learn their abilities by being struck by the ability they are trying to learn.

What exactly is a blue mage?

Blue Mage (青魔道士, Aomadōshi?, lit. Blue Sorcerer) is a job in the Final Fantasy series, first introduced in Final Fantasy V. It focuses on using magic learned from enemies. Blue Mages focus on Blue Magic, a special subset of magic that uses attacks otherwise exclusive to enemies.

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