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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of Gysahl Greens in Final Fantasy XIV?

Gysahl Greens are a minor item that you can obtain in Final Fantasy XIV Online. It’s primarily used as a food for Chocobo, and you can purchase quite a bit of this food for the animal. Alternatively, you can also use it as crafting material to create a specific feed, increasing their speed, acceleration, endurance, stamina, or balance.

Where can I find premium Gysahl Greens?

Premium Gysahl Greens is a key item as part of the Adventurer from Another World quest bought from the chocobo post kiosk for 500 gil and given to a giant chocobo at Cauthess Rest Area to free Y'jhimei . Vegetable well-known as a chocobo's favorite food.

What are Gysahl Greens and Gizzard Greens?

Gysahl Greens (also called Carrots, Gysahl, and Chocobo Vegetables), allows the player to summon Fat Chocobo on spots that smell like a chocobo. Gysahl Greens are sold in Fabul Castle, Troia, and Dwarven Castle for 50 gil each. When you want a Chocobo... Gysahl Greens are a purchasable green. The famous Gizzard Green is the same as a Gysahl Green.

How to get Gysahl Greens in iggm?

Recently, many players are also looking for ways to get Gysahl Greens, so now IGGM has updated it in time. Not only tactics, but you can also buy FFXIV Gil on IGGM, which can also help you get Gysahl Greens faster and complete some quests smoothly.

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