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Frequently Asked Questions

What towers does Google Fi use?

Google’s Project Fi can be classified as an MVNO. Google has enlisted the help of Sprint and T-Mobile’s cell towers to provide users the best of both (of those) worlds.

What is financial Fi?

A financial institution (FI) is a company engaged in the business of dealing with financial and monetary transactions, such as deposits, loans, investments and currency exchange.

What is the Greek letter Fi?

Phi (/faɪ/; uppercase Φ, lowercase φ or ϕ; Ancient Greek: ϕεῖ pheî [pʰé͜e]; Greek: φι fi [fi]) is the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet. In Ancient Greek, it represented an aspirated voiceless bilabial plosive ([pʰ]), which was the origin of its usual romanization as "ph".

What is Google Fi?

Project Fi is Google's very own wireless cellular network. Basically, it's Google's foray into being a MVNO. The service combines Wi-Fi, Sprint, and T-Mobile; depending on whichever network is the strongest, it would seamlessly switch to use that particular network. Google gives a better explanation:

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