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Frequently Asked Questions

What does get-fileshare do?

Retrieves file share objects and their properties. The Get-FileShare cmdlet gets objects that correspond to the file shares on the specified server. You must have local administrator credentials on a server to retrieve the objects. This command lists all the file shares on the local server.

How do I get a file share?

Specifies the file server on which the file share is hosted. To obtain a FileServer, use the Get-StorageFileServer cmdlet. Specifies the name of the file share to get. Specifies the file sharing protocol of the file shares that this cmdlet gets. The acceptable values for this parameter are: SMB and NFS.

What is the new-fileshare cmdlet?

The New-FileShare cmdlet creates an access point for a remote file share. The file share that this cmdlet creates represents a Server Message Block (SMB) or Network File System (NFS) share, which is on top of a MSFT_Volume. The first command gets the specified storage pool, and then stores it in the $Pool variable.

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