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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I recover deleted files from OneDrive?

How to Restore Deleted OneDrive Files. To recover your deleted files from OneDrive, just do the following: Go to OneDrive website, and login with your info. Go to Recycle Bin. Select all the files you want to restore. Just click on Restore, and all your selected files will be restored to the location from where they were deleted.

How do I recover deleted files from iCloud?

Let us discuss in detail how to recover the deleted files. Go to Login with your Apple ID and Password. Click on the Settings app of main iCloud menu. Now go to the end of the page and click on Advanced. Choose Restore Files from bottom left. Check the files you want to restore from the iCloud drive. Now click on Restore Files.

How do you download OneDrive?

Here is how you can download multiple photos at once: On your phone open IE, go to and log in to your OneDrive account. At the bottom click the "PC site" link to get the full desktop version. Open the folder that contains the photos you want to download. Then go to "Folder options" and select "Download folder".

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