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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Finocchio come from?

Finocchio is native to the Mediterranean, but has been widely cultivated around the world and is now naturalized in many areas. Finocchio has been most highly refined as a crop in Italy, which is why these varieties so often have Italian names.

What is mezzo Finocchio?

Italian slang for half a fag, a man that is acting unmanly. Usually used while breaking balls. Vito, why you gotta act likea mezzo finocchio over that useless skank?

How do you grow Finocchio fennel?

Finocchio is a fairly easy plant to grow. It doesn't need a lot of water and has no serious pests or diseases. The soil should be kept evenly moist for rapid growth, but be careful because Finocchio doesn't like wet soil. A mulch will help to conserve moisture in warm weather. Fennel is a fairly light feeder and doesn't need very rich soil.

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