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Frequently Asked Questions

What is finocchiona and how do you cook it?

There are two kinds of Finocchiona, the first being Sbriciolona, which is a very fresh, soft, and crumbly style that can be spread over bread with a butter knife. The other is a cured, aged Finocchiona, which is much firmer. Chop the meat quite finely, first the lean meat and then the fat, and combine them in a bowl.

What is finocchiona salami made of?

In fact, the name of this typical Tuscan salami comes from finocchio, the Italian word for fennel. Finocchiona is made from finely ground pork neck and shoulder, ham trimmings, rump, lean belly, collar and flank. It's flavored and seasoned with salt, pepper, peppercorns, and garlic.

How to make Italian sausage with fennel?

There is a story, that a thief stole a fresh salami at a fair near the Italian town of Prato, and hid it in a field of wild fennel. When he picked it up a few days later, he discovered that the sausage developed a wonderful aroma from the fennel. Grind meat and fat through 3/16” plate (5 mm). Mix all ingredients with ground meat.

What is the difference between finocchiona and sbriciolona?

A variant, sbriciolona, is prepared with a coarser grind, and undergoes a shorter drying (not more than a month). This product has to be cut into larger slices than the typical finocchiona and is consumed using a fork and a knife because it tends to crumble.

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