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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of fittings?

Fittings are generally used in mechanical and plumbing operations for a number of different purposes. There are many different kinds of fittings, made from a variety of materials: some of the most common types are elbows, tees, wyes, crosses, couplings, unions, compression fittings, caps, plugs and valves.

What does stand for in fittings?

AN Stands for 'ARMY / NAVY' and was designed as a standard by the US Military to determine common sizes of hoses and fittings. The fittings use a 37* angle at the ends to create the seal. There is also a 45* angle fitting, but in the automotive world, we use the 37* angle as the standard. Plumbing with copper pipe.

Is fitting an adjective?

Pronunciation (US): Familiarity information: FITTING used as a noun is uncommon. • FITTING (adjective) The adjective FITTING has 2 senses: 1. in harmony with the spirit of particular persons or occasion 2. being precisely fitting and right Familiarity information: FITTING used as an adjective is rare.

What is the definition of fittings?

Fitting is defined as the activity when someone tries on clothes to make sure they are the right size, or a small part that joins together other parts. An example of a fitting is trying on a new skirt that is being made by a dressmaker to make sure it is the correct length.

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