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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a summary administration in Florida?

Generally speaking, on the low end, Florida probate summary administration may be completed in just 4 to 6 weeks . This is possible when the parties of the estate are readily available to sign the Summary Administration Petition. On the high end, summary administration can stretch out to four months or longer.

What are the probate rules in Florida?

Florida probate rules dictate that certain assets must pass through probate after the owner’s death to help ensure all of the individual’s assets are legally transferred to the heirs. The problem, though, is that the Florida probate process can take months to complete.

What is summary probate in Florida?

Summary Administration in Florida is a simplified probate process used to provide efficiency in small estates and when the person has been dead for over two years and all creditors of the deceased are barred.

What is a summary of administration in Florida?

Summary administration is a shortened form of Florida probate that does not require the appointment of a Florida personal representative.Florida summary administration usually requires less time, effort, and expense than formal administration.. There are two ways in which an estate can qualify for summary administration in Florida.

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