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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a FNP-C nurse practitioner?

By having the title "FNP-C" or "FNP-BC", nurse practitioners can build trust with patients as it denotes expertise in the field as well as a well-rounded knowledge base. Moreover, it builds trust with physicians who may be new at providing oversight to NPs.

When do you need an APNP to become a nurse practitioner?

The master’s degree requirement does not apply to advanced practice nurses who earned certification by July 1, 1998. The licensing agency will look for 45 hours of recent coursework in pharmacology/ therapeutics. The prospective APNP must pursue national certification.

Can a FNP be a generic Np-C?

The ANCC grants the -BC titles. The AANP the generic NP-C. For example an FNP that board certifies via ANCC will be " Jon Doe FNP-BC" or via AANP would be "Jon Doe NP-C".

When do you get your FNP in family medicine?

FNP certification is usually obtained after a student finishes an APRN program specializing in family medicine. A graduate certificate is usually earned after a master's or doctoral program, perhaps if the APRN is wanting to switch or add specialties.

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