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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a FNP-C nurse practitioner?

By having the title "FNP-C" or "FNP-BC", nurse practitioners can build trust with patients as it denotes expertise in the field as well as a well-rounded knowledge base. Moreover, it builds trust with physicians who may be new at providing oversight to NPs.

How much does it cost to get a FNP-c Certification?

According to the ANCC, The FNP-BC costs more, with non-members requiring to pay $395 for certification, compared to $315 for an FNP-C. An FNP-C certification tends to be more restrictive in terms of eligibility requirements, however.

Are there different types of family nurse practitioner certifications?

There are different organizations that offer certifications for NPs, but it's essential that the NP checks with their state's board of nursing to determine which ones are accepted in their home state. The two main titles for a certified family nurse practitioner are the FNP-BC and the FNP-C, as outlined below:

How to become a family nurse practitioner in Canada?

1 Must be a graduate of an accredited master's, doctoral, or post-graduate NP program 2 Must have completed the required APRN core courses: advanced pharmacology, physiology, and advanced health assessment. 3 Completed a minimum of 500 clinical hours of supervised direct patient care 4 Must have a valid U.S. or Canadian RN license

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