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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the options for renewing my Nurse Practitioner certification?

There are two options for certification renewal. Option 1: Recertify by Clinical Practice Hours and Continuing Education (CE) Minimum 1,000 hours of clinical practice in the Nurse Practitioner role in any specialty appropriate for the population focus of certification within 5-year certification period.

How to become a family nurse practitioner ( FNP )?

The two main titles for a certified family nurse practitioner are the FNP-BC and the FNP-C, as outlined below: Must be a graduate of an accredited master's, doctoral, or post-graduate NP program

How long does it take to renew aanpcb certification?

Certification is "time limited". Minimum requirements for renewal of certification must be met within the 5-year period of certification in order to renew certification. For detailed information, refer to the Recertification Handbook [2MB .pdf].

Why is it important to have a FNP-c Certification?

By having the title "FNP-C" or "FNP-BC", nurse practitioners can build trust with patients as it denotes expertise in the field as well as a well-rounded knowledge base. Moreover, it builds trust with physicians who may be new at providing oversight to NPs. Another reason why certification is important is for professional development ...

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