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Frequently Asked Questions

What does " FNP-C " mean as a medical title?

Home › World View › What Does "FNP-C" Mean As a Medical Title? What Does "FNP-C" Mean As a Medical Title? According to the University of Toledo's College of Nursing, an FNP-C is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, a nurse who has completed a master's degree in nursing and has become certified as having specialized knowledge in the field.

Can a registered nurse use the title Nurse Practitioner?

No. You cannot use the title nurse practitioner until you have been certified by the BRN as a nurse practitioner. Furthermore, registered nurses who use the title NP without BRN certification may subject their RN license to possible discipline. (BPC §2836.1)

How to become a family nurse practitioner ( FNP )?

The two main titles for a certified family nurse practitioner are the FNP-BC and the FNP-C, as outlined below: Must be a graduate of an accredited master's, doctoral, or post-graduate NP program

What does an NP mean for a family nurse practitioner?

The way an NP indicates national certifications is dictated by your certifying body. ANCC credentials for family nurse practitioners should be displayed as FNP-BC (family nurse practitioner-board certified).

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