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Frequently Asked Questions

Why host a nurse practitioner CME Conference in 2021?

With more of the population starting to get vaccinated and coronavirus cases declining, many CME providers are planning to host nurse practitioner CME conferences in 2021 to give NPs a safe and unique learning experience to complete their nurse practitioner CE requirements.

What are the best nurse practitioner conferences for CE?

Overall, this symposium is perfect for NPs looking to expand their NP medical knowledge, while earning CE and enjoying a retreat in the Rocky Mountains. The Skin, Bones, Hearts, & Private Parts nurse practitioner conferences focus on unique and modern approaches to earning CE credits by creating an intimate and interactive setting for NPs.

Why attend our CME conferences?

Our CME conferences are tailored for a primary care setting. Each program is developed and reviewed by practicing primary care physicians to ensure that it will be useful to you and your practice. Our accredited CME is designed to meet the continuing education requirements for all members of the primary care team.

Where will the 2022 national nurse practitioner Symposium be held?

The 2022 National Nurse Practitioner Symposium will take place July 21-24, 2022 (pre-symposium day July 20; Rocky Mountain Retreat July 19-20), at the Keystone Conference Center in Keystone, Colorado.

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